Young Black Professionals of ABQ celebrates the “young, gifted and black” of Albuquerque with diverse events that won’t break the bank. Experience local culture, friendship, and networking with open-minded black professionals in their twenties (21+) and early forties. YBABQ consists of people who want to make new friends, business connections, and are curious about Albuquerque culture. Furthermore, we welcome people from all ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations, and religions. We look forward to meeting you!


The best way to get connected with YBABQ is to join the YBABQ MeetUp group and Facebook page. 

YBABQ MeetUp: meetup.com/Young-Blacks-of-ABQ/

YBABQ Facebook: facebook.com/YBABQ

Meetup Events

Black Cultural Conference: Mobilizing the Black Millennial Legacy

Held by Young Black Professionals of Albuquerque (YBABQ) on 22 September 2017 9:00 AM

We are currently looking for young Black professionals to host and attend conference tracks for our Black Cultural Conference at the University of New Mexico. Conference tracks should focus on Black Millennials and Social Justice, Health, Professi... Read More