Arts & Culture week highlights the contributions, triumphs, and accolades of African Americans throughout history.


Standard Tickets: $22.50
School time performances Feb. 1 & 2 at 10am: $3.00
Regular performances Feb. 2 & 3 at 8pm: $22.50

KiMo Theatre
423 Central Ave SW
Parking garage at 5th & Cooper St.


The New Mexico Black History Organizing Committee invites you to see Roots Revival – Spider Tales (Scattered/Unshattered) this February for the 7th Annual Black History Festival.  This riveting adventure takes audiences around the world to discover and witness the life of Anansi the Spider.  Anansi the Spider travels across the Atlantic from Africa to the Caribbean during the slave trade and gathers many stories from the passengers en route to the New World. This play allows viewers to experience the unsavory conditions of the voyage and highlights the strength and inspiration of the survivors through insightful stories that tell their side of things not normally covered in history books.

Using theater and music as a tool, Roots Revival Scattered/Unshattered will educate audiences of all ages about the Atlantic slave trade. While this presentation is educational and historical in nature, it is also entertaining.   This is a multi-generational cast with many students from the area; ranging in age from 8-18.  These students, who are working towards an important community performance, learn about how music and the arts have been used in every aspect of the black experience to entertain, to heal, to resolve conflict and to express joy and resilience.

Roots Revival Scattered/Unshattered, written by Cathryn McGill will feature original music and choreography from a variety of local artists.

Photo Credit: Aana  Pearson


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