Weekly EQ Fall 2016 Reel Talk Recap by Leona Davis-Brown

Weekly EQ Fall 2016 Reel Talk Recap by Leona Davis-Brown

A project like Weekly EQ takes a village and we’re proud to introduce Leona Davis-Brown to our readership. Ms. Davis-Brown has been on board since inception as the blog’s marketing manager and  she’ll be guest-blogging periodically for regular content manager Sean Cardinalli. We look forward to Leona’s  perspective and hope you give her your kindly attention and support!

Fall is here and this season’s lineup of shows and movies will warm your soul like a perfectly brewed pumpkin spice latte.  The black entertainment industry is continuously raising the bar and here’s a brief overview of what’s in store.

tv-programmingTelevision Series

Netflix’s Luke Cage, the controversial Marvel character, caused a ruckus on and off camera this past weekend when the show’s debut episode “broke the internet” and raised mainstream eyebrows about the authenticity of black superheroes.  The Netflix crash didn’t impact viewership but sparked even greater interest in this gritty comic strip turned TV show.  And fortunately audiences have plenty of content choices with OWN, BET, TV One and Bounce TV providing an impressive array of African American programming.  Serious dramas like Saints & Sinners and the honest uncomfortable comedy in HBO’s Insecure are taking Black entertainment beyond the stereotypical cliché sitcoms of yesteryear.   Not to worry if, like millions of consumers, you’ve “cut the cord” and no longer subscribe to cable–streaming is all the rage these days.  You can catch everything from breakout hits like OWN’s Queen Sugar to dyno-mite favorites like Good Times via numerous online streaming sources.


Topping box office charts with $100 million in revenue since its September 23rd opening, black director Antoine Fuqua cast veteran actor Denzel Washington as the lone black character in the blockbuster remake of The Magnificent Seven. Disney’s Queen of Katwe with an entirely black cast starring Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o and David Oyelowo disappoints with opening weekend revenue of just under $3 million.  But if I read the social media newsfeeds correctly, the film may just be the sleeper hit of the season especially if we are to believe the rave Facebook review from our own NMBHOC Cathryn McGill:


Here are a few other films with a lead black actor or cast on the marquee this fall/winter:





The Birth of a Nation hits theaters this Friday








Boo! A Madea Halloween in theaters October 21, 2016








Moonlight in theaters October 21, 2016







Loving in theaters November 4, 2016









All Eyez on Me in theaters November 11, 2016








Almost Christmas in theaters November 11, 2016







Kidnap in theaters December 2, 2016








Get Out in theaters February 24, 2017




For a full listing on upcoming tv shows and black films visit the Black Cinema Connection.

And if you’re wondering what we mean by “black films”, we’re using the one-drop (or in this case, one actor/actress) rule.  If there’s at least one black actor in a lead role, we’re claiming it.  We aren’t counting films like Doctor Strange (Chiwetel Ejiofor) or Assassin’s Creed (Michael Kenneth Williams best known for his role in The Wire).  We’re glad these brothers are working, but they didn’t get top billing in the film.  And truthfully, we better save the whole “black films” discussion for a more in-depth exchange and a different blog.

Until then….check out some new TV and schedule some movie meetups this fall.  Stay entertained my friends.



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    I love this post and I was really ugly crying at Queen of Katwe. Can’t wait to see all these movies.

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