Introducing Weekly EQ – New Mexico’s African American News


Welcome to Weekly EQ, New Mexico’s information portal for African American news, arts, politics, and community events.

“EQ” stands for “Ebony Quotient” because this platform will strive to significantly increase black New Mexicans’ visibility and connectivity. Weekly EQ is also an open forum to discuss the issues—within and without of the black community—which matter and affect us most.

Weekly EQ will actively work to reflect and celebrate the rich diversity of our people. We will do our best to streamline the quantity and quality of communication amongst black New Mexicans, statewide.

This virtual space is the brainchild of Cathryn McGill, founder and organizer of the New Mexico Black History Organizing Committee. Ms. McGill and her staff reached out to me to be this site’s content manager due to my writerly work history and vocal activism.

Sean Cardinalli Content Manager

Sean Cardinalli NMBHOC Content Development Manager

As for me, I’m a screenwriter, copywriter, blogger, life coach, agitator, and father. I was born and raised in California and have worked, schooled, and parented in New Mexico for a decade. In New Mexico, a platform like Weekly EQ is important to help keep our broad, yet intimate population united by being informed.

Our sincere hope is that Weekly EQ will be utilized as a virtual town hall, gathering space, bulletin board, and soapbox. Also, we know that black folk aren’t monolithic. Disparate and distant pockets of black New Mexicans are encouraged to invite one another—and the larger New Mexican population—to events worth attending and to points of view worth presenting via this blog.

Please feel free to send suggestions for news stories, profiles, reviews, and interviews to

Now, more than ever, black people need our voices and experiences heard, and Weekly EQ is proud to be able to offer a space to express our point of view.

In peace and gratitude,

Sean Cardinalli

Weekly EQ with Sean Cardinalli


    1. Al Sumaquial

      Of course in my first comment, I have a grammatical error. Dang it. That’s me, though. Good luck. I know you’ll do well. You put more heart in your work than anyone I know. I know you’ll be successful.

  1. Camilla Dominguez

    As a Latina and mother of two biracial children here in NM, I am glad to see this forum. Good job! It’s about time we had something like this for our black community in New Mexico.

  2. Brenda Dabney

    At a lifelong member of this New Mexican ‘African American community, I view this as a good endeavor to unite, inform, and educate the AA community on a variety of subjects and issues. Thanks, Sean for all you are doing to make this a success. Thanks to the whole team for your time, efforts, and commitment. God blessings to you.

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